14 year old girl propped up a home

Pan Xiao Ni is a 14-Year-Old Girl from Anhui province, she used to have a happy family, however, a sudden change in her family change her life also. Her father passed away with sickness in 2016, and her mother later developed with mental illness, because of the illness, her mother can not take care of herself, so Xiao Ni took up the responsibility for looking after her mother.

Xiao Ni is studying at grade 5 of primary school, she is doing very well academically at school. She didn’t know how to wash clothes and cook before, but now she has to help do the cooking for her mother, and also help her mother to wash her cloths, after she perform those duties, she then would sit down and do her homework.


Before if her friends call her out to play with them, she would go and hang out with them, however, since his father passed away, her mother would ran away from home some times if she is not at the place, but now she seldom play with her friends because she needs to look after her mother.

Each time before she goes to school, Xiao Ni would lock her mother at home, just in case she would ran away again. She told the reporter, the liquefied gas cooker she used for cooking is given by kind people, before she was using the old cooking stove for cooking.

She likes to cook simple meals, such as porridge and noodles, because she doesn’t know how to cook other meals, as times go by, she and her mother develop malnutrition, during one flag-raising ceremony, she fainted on the floor, her teachers sent her home and then they realize the real situation of Xiao Ni’s unfortunate family situation, they couldn’t stop crying, Xiaoni told her teachers that she wants to study very hard and gain entrance to good university, and to help her mother to have a better life. When the local government and kind people learn the real situation of Xiaoni’s family, they started helping Xiaoni by giving Xiaoni and her mother some money, different household items and new clothes. They also help redecorate her house.

Sources: http://www.myzaker.com/article/590bd13c9490cb8a0500000a/

Edited and translated by Philip Caruso

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