After 9 years of earthquake, those reborn mothers in Yingxiu

Li Xiuhua is a 46-years-old mother, her daughter Deng Qiqian is seven-years-old. Li Xiu hua’s other two daughters died from the powerful earthquake, and her husband also passed away from accidents last year, since then, she closed her hostels in Yingxiu (映秀), and went to Du jiangyan with her daughter to look for employment. She would send her daughter to school each morning, and she would go to school to pick her up in the late afternoon. It can be very tiring, but all it’s worth it, her wish is to raise her daughter well, in order to pay respect to her dead husband and the other two daughters.

The left photo was taken in 2013, and the right photo was taken in 2017.

Cai zhong yu is a 44-years-old mother, her son is 6-years-old now. During the earthquake, Cai zhongyu has lost a daughter. Cai zhongyu lives in Zhangjia Ping Village, Ying Xiu. The place is very near the earthquake central Niu Miangou, the bridge near her place was got badly damaged, the place later attract many tourists, she started selling handtailor shoe-pad and scarf, Debris flow from Niumian year after year, so Cai zhongyu moved to Yingxiu County, she went into a partnership with other person to open a hostel business in Yingxiu county. Because she wants to provide a good life for her Son, all the hardship and difficulties she face in life is worth it.

Wang Qunxiu is a 47-year-old mother, and her daughter Li Xueqin is seven-years-old. Mrs Wang has lost a son in the earthquake, her daughter makes her really happy, her daughter Li Xueqin likes laughing a lot, Wang Qunxiu likes to take her daughter wherever she is. The cemetary where her son is buried is not far from where she is living, but Wang Qunxiu has never been up to the cemetary


Shang xingpin is 40-years-old, her daughter Wang Yuxuan is 8-years-old, and her son Wang Ziqian is 6-years-old.  Shang xingpin has lost two sons during the earthquake. Each time when people ask her about the family siuations, she would always tell them that she has 4 children, the other two children are not living with her, and they live somewhere else. Wang Yuxuan and Wang Ziqian have characters, they raise two cats in their house. Their mother don’t really expect them to have a good academic performance at school, or achieve greats things in their life. What she really want for them is to live happily and healthy in their life.

Pan Dongqun is 43 years old, her son Ye Fukang is 7-years-old. Mrs Pan has lost a son and a daughter in the earthquake. After the earthquake, they moved to Du jiangyan and settled there. Ye fukang is a very active child, some times he can be very naughty, and her parents would tell him off, and later he would admit the mistake, and promise that next time he won’s make the mistake again.

Chen xiurong is a 41-years-old mother, her daughter is 7-years-old. Chen xiurong has lost a daughter in the earthquake. Mrs Chen is a tourist guide. She would wear her beautiful dress and coming to high-speed intersection to wait for guests at about 8:30 in the morning every day. Whenever the guests ask her about the earthquake, she couldn’t stop crying, nowadays, he has got a very lovely daughter, her daugher is very similar to her deceased elder daugher, when she sees her elder daughter, it seems like her elder daughter is with her again.

Zhangshi jing is a 42-years-old mother, her son Mingjie is 7 years old. Mrs. Zhang has lost a Son during the earthquake, she lives in Yuzi Xi village, Ying xiu county. There were about 29 children from her village died from the earthquake. After the earthquake in the first two years, she likes going to her son’s cometary, she became a very quiet person, however, her new born Son Mingjie brings him many joy and happiness.

Edited and translated by Philip Caruso

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