China’s ‘Chunyun’ Spring Festival Travel Rush Begins, Part 02

Here is part two of the China’s Chunyun Stories. The story was first appeared on Chinese Tencent News Website.



Liu Juan

Liu Juan is from Xiaogan (孝感), Hubei province. She is working in Shenzhen while her two year old child stay behind in her hometown. She initially wants to head home soon by Gaotie, however the Gaotie ticket is really expensive for her, so she decides to take the train instead, however, the train ticket is quite hard for her to get it at first, and she told the reporter she would resign from the job immediately if she can get hold of a train ticket, and she would look for a new job after she come back from home. Luckily she was able to get the ticket in the end, and she is very happy. She also told the reporter that she would cry often when her child sings “Mom is the best in the world” (世上只有妈妈好) and “Little Apple” (小苹果) to her over the phone. Those two songs are very well known in China.

Arman from Pakistan

Arman is 22 years old from Pakistan, he really enjoys staying in Guangzhou and a big fan of the city. He has been studying medicine at the Liaoning University for three years. He can get the train ticket very easily, he has been to cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Ürümchi. He wishes to stay in China to look for a medicine job after his graduation, because he loves China very much.

Lao Xi and his three fellow workers

Lao Xi and his three fellow workers are from Hebei province, they were about to take the train at 1:50 in the afternoon to Hebei for the Chinese New Year. During his 10 years working life as a construction worker in Guangzhou, he starts working at 5:30 every morning. He comes back home once a year for the Chinese new year. He and his fellow workers are very fond of Guangzhou and find the winter weather in the city is quite warm and the air quality is not so bad.

Miss Chen and her boyfriend

Miss Chen’s hometown is in Hunan province, her boyfriend is from Sichuan province, it would be a different Chinese New Year experience for her, she would travel to her boyfriend’s hometown first, then she and her boyfriend would visit her hometown in Hunan. It’s kind of difficult to get the train tickets, and it took them ten days to successfully get them, and they nearly miss the chance of going back home. They spoke to the reporter just for a quick moment and they were in rush to catch the train back home.

Junqing Li

Junqing Li is 23 years old from Longxi, Gansu province, he was about to head home, the journey would take him about  20 hours. He is a worker at a restaurant in Guangzhou. For some reason, he lost his identity card, and the day before he head home, he went to the Guangzhou police station to get a temporary identity card. After he got his temporary ID, he went back to the restaurant to work in hurry, because he has got a night shift on that evening. He has been working
in Guangzhou for two years, and it was his first time to go back home in two year’s time. He was supposed to go back to his hometown by train, however, he missed the train, then he went back home by bus, however, there were some incidents happening on the bus, and the bus driver asked him to get off the bus in half way of the journey. It took him more hours and efforts to get back home safely.

Yan Tianshuang

Yan Tianshuang is 28 years old from Zhangjiajie(张家界), Hunan Provine. He is a salesperson and has been working in Guangzhou for 3 years.While his wife and children left behind in his hometown. His wife has got a part time job back home. He can earn a very good income from his sales job and his working hours are very flexible as well. He misses his wife and children very much. In order to be able to reunite with his family soon, he took some days off from work and booked the ticket back home very early on.

Li hongxia and her two children

For Li hongxia, this year’s Chunyun experience is not that great for her. She doesn’t have a job and she came to Dongguan to look after her two children, before going back home, she lost her train ticket, and it took her two hours to get the tickets again, after she get the ticket she is not really satisfy with the departure time. After a quick conversation with the reporter, she went back to the ticket counter to try to get new tickets again.

The Poet Li Pin (李频) also wrote the poem “Crossing the Han River” (渡汉江) to describe his mood back home.



Beyond the mountain there came no tidings and letters;

Winter passed, and then went Spring

As I near my village my heart gros more afraid

And I dare not inquire of those that come to meet me


By Philip Caruso

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