Construction Worker Stories – “I have been working in Shenzhen for 20 Years, and published 300,000 words novel”

May First Day is international labor’s day, we interviewed 6 different construction workers, and here they each share their different life and working stories.

Qiu Dong Hua

Qiu Donghua is from Pin Nan County, Sichuan province, he has been working in Shenzhen for over 20 years, he failed  to gain entrance to the university in 1996, so he came to Shenzhen with his friends in search of the job opportunities, he recon Shenzhen has changed so much throughout these years, more and more high rise buildings.

He was working at the factory between 2003 and 2006 for three years, and the rest of the time he works as a construction worker on the construction field, he took part in the Tao Yuan Village, Yi Tian Village and Sunshine construction projects, being an old construction worker, Qiu Donghua recon the accommodation, salaries and the management has improved in the construction industry over the years. In Qiu Donghua’s spare time, he likes reading and writing, and his works were often being published in the Chinese magazine and newspaper, he also published a book called “Oral Shenzhen: a city dream of a farmer’s construction”, the book describe the life as an ordinary Chinese construction worker, and also the changes of the Shenzhen city. Because of his knowledge and the writing ability, his friends like to call him “Doctor Qiu” Qiu Donghua has been working in the construction field for such a long time, and it’s impossible for him to change his career. His two children stay back in his hometown and they are still studying at the school. Qiu has told the reporter that, he will carry on working on the construction field for a few more years, because the family need his financial support, and he hope his children would study hard at the school, and be a useful person in the society.

Lin Zhong

Lin Zhong is from Anhui province, he has been in the construction field for more than 30 years, he was working in Wenzhou, Shenyang and Xian, he was working on the construction field in Shenzhen for the last 10 years.

I came out to look for employment when I was very young, China’s Reform and Opening was just started, and they were few industry for you to choose to enter at that time, many people were chosen to work on the construction field, so I decide to follow them.  You need to have big muscle to work on the construction field, Lin Zhong said this with a smile. When I first entered into the construction field, they weren’t that many machines to operate on, most of the work had to carry on by manual labors, but nowadays, more and more machines are being used on the construction site, so the changes has been huge, compared with years ago. In the past, the accommodation was also very poor, the place was build up with wood, and the roof was put up using the Asbestos, nowadays, the living situations has also improved greatly. The room has got an air conditioning, and the government electric department would come to inspect the place from time to time to make sure the safety use of the electricity.

Nowadays, there are around 20% of the workers are born in the 1990s, and majority of them are from the western part of China, Lin Zhong wants more young people to enter into the construction field, he recon if they stay in the industry for a few more years, it has got great potential for their development. However, he also said, construction is not like other industry,  the working location is not always the same, and construction workers have to move often, he often hope that his wife and children would be able to stay with him, however, the current situation is not allow that to happen, but thanks to the wechat (Chinese equivalent of Whatsapp), he is able to communicate with his family members whenever he wants, and he wish his family members to be healthy every day and have a stable and good living environment.

Ju Yanbin

Ju Yanbin is from Liaonin province, he has been working in Shenzhen for about three to four years, however, he was in the construction field for more than 10 years, he was introduced by his friend to come and work in Shenzhen, he was taking part in the construction of the Shenzhen Baoan airport, he told the report, each time he drive pass the airport, he was feeling very proud of it. His leader at the construction field care about his well being very much, such as whether the food is tasting delicious or not, and whether he sleeps well or not. He is very satisfy with his current situations, he said, in the construction field, one needs to learn more knowledge by reading different kind of books. He hope he will carry on working in the construction field until he retires. I also want to tell my wife that, I will work very hard on my job.

Shen Xiaopin

Shen Xiaopin is a Sichuan native, he first came to Shenzhen in 2005, he is with working for the current company for more than 10 years, and now holds a manger position at the company. He told the reporter, in the Shenzhen construction field, more than half of the construction workers are from Sichuan province, the reason why he has been in the construction field for so long is that he comes from a poor background. He has taken part in many different construction projects in Shenzhen, such as the Baoan airport, protection apartments in Pinshan etc, whenever the company has finished the project, he is feeling very proud of it, and he hope the company’s business is getting better year by year. He is feeling his life rich and full, even though his wife is in Shenzhen with him, he spends more time with his fellow worker at work than his wife. He say thank you to his wife for supporting his work. In order to keep up the quality of the projects at the convention and exhibition center, he and his fellow workers are on high alert on the job. He also said that nowadays the life on the construction site is better than 10 years ago.

Yan Gong

Yan Gong is a native of Sichuan, he is 61 years old this year, he came to work in the construction field in Shenzhen when he was 51 years old, he get used to working on the field. In front of the camera, he seems to be a bit shy. He doesn’t find it too tired working on the construction field, his leader care about his well being very much. He is the only person staying in Shenzhen, his son works at the airline company as a researcher in Wuhan, his son doesn’t really want to work as a construction worker, Yan Gong sees his family once a year during the Chinese new year. He wants to tell his family that, he is very satisfy with his job in Shenzhen, and hope his family are doing well. The most memorable thing in his job was that, he has been involving projects like dip 30 meter hole on the construction field.

Zhao Yifan

Zhao Yifan is native of Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, he was born in 1991, his first impression to the reporter is that he is a very talkative person, he came to work in Shenzhen this year, mainly for the new convention and exhibition center projects, he spent most of the time working on the construction field, and he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, his company also organize the dating activities for single employees, but he didn’t find the suitable girlfriend to get together with. He hope to carry on working on the construction field for rest of his career, and hope his future girlfriend can understand and support his career choice. He also wants to wish his colleges have a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Edited and Translated by Philip Caruso

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