Song of the Parting Son by Meng Jiao 游子吟 (孟郊)

From the threads a mother’s hand weaves,

A gown for parting son is made,

Sown stitch by stitch before he leaves

For fear his return be delayed.

Such kindness as young grass receives

From the warm sun can’t be repaid.







This poem sings praises of the mother love. It shows a kind mother’s deep Iove. Through such trivial matters as making clothes for her son. The mother sewed Durable clothes with small stitches in case that her son’s return should be delayed. The clothes were the result of his mother’s love. Wearing the clothes, the son could experience his mother’s love wherever he would be. E. Nearly all the mothers have done the same sewing for their children, and it makes the same deep impression on each child. For this reason this short poem has deeply touched numerous people for ages. In the last two lines, the poet used a metaphor “young grass” to indicate that it’s difficult for children to requite their mothers’ great kindness. This metaphor is very natural and appropriate, and makes self-evident the moral it contains. Thus the couplet has ranked throughout the ages as a poetic masterpiece among the ones lauding the mother love.

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